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ATTENTION ALL WHITE GIRLS! – As we all try on our 4th of July swim suites im sure you’re more than likely picking yourselves apart wishing you had hit the gym a little harder. My quick tip to loving your physic is the SPRAY TAN! Wether you can drop into your local tanning spa for a quick spray or hitting your local beauty supply for a 4hour mousse I thought I would share my 3 favorite brands/options.

For the BEST result : Personalized AIRBRUSH tanning is where you will find me. Having a certified technician apply the tan not only guarantees an even coat but can help contour your curves. I always choose a salon that uses Infinity Sun – This solution is the best I’ve found and leaves my pasty white skin bronzed in just 6 hours.


BOOTH TANNING I choose: VersaSpa – This is a quick booth you walk into, hold a few funny positions and POOF! you’re tan within 8 hours. I set the machine at clear for a natural result but if you are looking for a deeper glow add “bronzer”. I also find this to be the least stinky of the 3 options (wearing a hair net over the face is highly recommended).


AT HOME SELF TANNER I dig St Tropez Tan moose. Be sure to apply in a circular motion and to wash your hands immediately after application in order to avoid the umpa lumpa look.


KEY TIP: I always opt out of having my face sprayed. These tanning ingredients are designed to grab onto skin and stick! For my acne prone clients this can be congesting & for my dehydrated skin clients you can result in splotchiness. Simply use a darker foundation for the next few days to match your skin.

Wishing you all a safe & GLOWING 4th of July!
AB xxo

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